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alchemist paulo coelho

The Englishman in Coelho's The Alchemist is searching for "a universal language." What is that language?


There is a very spiritual/new age feel to The Alchemist. The boy learns about things that he cannot discover through books. Instead he needs to be able to learn through his experiences and to listen to his own heart.. He learns that he needs to be able to accept change and to find the beauty in simple things and to live in the moment rather than the past or the future. In the present moment he learns to look for signs that will tell him the will of God. He discovers that doing all of these things will help him to understand the "Soul of the World" through which everything is connected. The Universal Language is the way that the Soul of the World speaks, and it is understood by all even without words. This is how the boy is able to understand his sheep. He learns all of these things with the help of The Alchemist so that he may fulfill his life's purpose by also becoming an alchemist.

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