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Explain how the song "Grand Torino" lends insight into the central theme of the movie Grand Torino... Explain how the song "Grand Torino" lends...


The ageless Clint Eastwood has come up with another winner in his most recent starring vehicle Gran Torino, which he also directed. The lyrics to the title song, written by Jamie Cullen, do lend some insight into Eastwood's bitter character Kowalski. The first verse asks the question "Do you belong / In your skin?" It is a "tired song" and "beats / A lonely rhythm / All night long." Kowalski must have asked himself if he still belonged in this world after the death of his beloved wife, and he spends most of his lonely life drinking beer on his porch deep into the night.

I drink instead
On my own
Oh, how I've known
The battle scars

In addition to "lonely," "tired" is another recurring word in the lyrics that describe his "bitter dreams" and a "heart locked." Kowalksi knows that his life is now meaningless and eventually finds that it is also nearing its end:

Your world
Is nothing more
Than all
The tiny things
You've left

He still has love to give, however, and he turns to helping his Asian neighbors against the badness he sees around him.

May I be
So bold and stay
I need someone
To hold

In the end, Kowalksi decides to give his life to protect his new friends, and he sees the afterlife as a better place.

Gentle now
A tender breeze
Whispers through
The Gran Torino
Whistling another
Tired song
Engines humm
And better dreams
Heart locked
In a Gran Torino
It beats
A lonely rhythm
All night long
It beats
A lonely rhythm
All night long
It beats
A lonely rhythm
All night long 


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