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In Eric Fromm's essay "Our Way of Life Makes us Miserable," what solution does he say is needed to cure the problems he is describing?


In this essay, Fromm says we need nothing less than to change our entire society.  He says we need a new Renaissance, a new Enlightenment.  But he says that it has to be political, economic, and spiritual or else it will not work.

Fromm says that the point of this huge change has to be the "development of man."  Somehow, he wants society to change its ways so that everything it does is aimed at creating people who love life and who are productive and independent.

Sadly, and I think this is a huge weakness in this essay, he has essentially nothing to say about how this would happen.  He doesn't really have a solution -- he just says "this is how we need to be" but he does not give a single concrete hint about how we could go about getting to be that way.

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