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Essay on "Computer is a world of Handicap or Advancement and second essay "Private or Public Job:A Present Scenario merits and demerits"


Since everyone else has addressed the first topic, and I have the impression that you are expected to write essay on both topics, I will address the second for you.

I have been employed in both the public and private sector, and there are clear advantages and disadvantages to each.  I would recommend that one way to support your ideas, no matter what they might be, that you consider interviewing one person in each form of employment, and ask each the same questions.  There are articles written on this topic, and I have included a link for one, but it would probably be a more engaging assignment for you if you spoke to a few people.

In public sector employment, there is considerably more red tape than in private employment, and this is a definite detriment to employment. In order to accomplish anything in public sector employment, one must write endless memos and go strictly up the chain of command.  The reason, of course, is that the time and money spent is paid for by the taxpayers, who are entitled to be particular about what their government does.  Another detriment in the public sector is the pay. People in government are seldom paid at the same rate as people in private enterprise.  Again, this is because it is taxpayer money that pays the salaries, and also because there is no profit to be made on anyone's endeavors. A positive aspect to public sector employment, until one reaches very high levels, is the hours.  Few public employees take their work home with them, are expected to work overtime, or even worry about work when they go home.  If one has a family, this is particularly beneficial. Another positive attribute of public employment is the paid leave one gets.  Many public employers have generous vacation and sick day policies. Government often has generous healthcare benefits, too, with no contribution from the employer and smaller co-pays.  When times are bad, cuts are often based on longevity, so the longer you are in public service, the more likely you are to have secure employment.

Perhaps most importantly, the person who wants to perform a public service may find great satisfaction in serving the public. 

Private employment, as you might imagine, offers a converse situation in many cases.  The pay is better, but the benefits, such as vacation, sick leave, and healthcare are not usually as good as those in the private sector. There is no job security at all, unless you are protected by a contract or a collective bargaining agreement.  If you are in a managerial position, you are expected to work beyond a 40-hour week without compensation, and many managers take their work home with them, even if only mentally.  If you are an hourly employee, you may be offered overtime hours or they might be demanded of you.  There is less red tape in private enterprise, so things are accomplished more easily. It is possible to move up more quickly, based upon accomplishment, and performance can be rewarded through bonuses, and sometimes, as we all now know, a lack of performance is rewarded with bonuses, too. There are gratifications in the private sector, and one can have a sense of accomplishment. However, much of the reward is monetary. 

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