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dolls house

How can I write a good introduction for my paper on A Doll's House? I need something captivating for my essay about why A Doll's Houseis a typical...


Besides captivating the reader's interest, which is certainly important, your introduction should accomplish two other purposes. It should ground your reader in terms of the facts of the play, and it should lead smoothly into your thesis statement at the end. Without knowing who your audience will be, I will assume that you are not to assume that your reader is familiar with the play, which is a standard approach in a literary paper.

In order to ground your reader, work these facts into your introduction: title of the play, author, genre (modern drama), setting, identity of major characters, and a brief, general description of the general situation. Believe it or not, all of this information can be included smoothly and concisely, leading into your thesis. The first four facts I listed, for instance, can be expressed in a single, well constructed sentence.

This leaves the matter of capturing the interest of your reader. Some writers like to begin with an engaging quotation, from the play itself or from another source. Some writers begin by posing an intriguing question or a series of questions. Some start with a powerful statement or observation as an attention-getter, although an introductory statement of this nature should not be the thesis or a variation of it.

One good guide to writing is really a simple one, a variation on the Golden Rule: "Write the paper you would like to read." What captivates you will appeal to your audience, too.


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