Hi. Help me please. Our team found itself in a difficult situation due to the epidemic. Your help will be our salvation. Thank you very much.

I am writing an essay on swine flu (H1N1). Can you help me construct an essay on swine flu?


This is a very timely topic.  Initially, allow me to preface my remarks with the idea that the structure and components of such an essay should be referred to your instructor/ professor who might have specific items that should be included and certain structural guidelines that have to be followed.  These should supersede anyone else's instruction because of their role of assessing your work.  Having said this, I think being able to reference the site below will help guide you in this process.

I would say that a standard expository format would be beneficial here.  Opening the paper with an introduction about the current relevancy of the H1N1 Virus around the world could serve as an excellent way of opening the paper.  This might involve detailing statistics around the world of reported cases, as well as the international concern around it.  The next phase would consist of discussing the historical evidence of this particular strand's existence and perhaps discussing why this strand is different and much stronger than the traditional influenza virus.  Perhaps discussing how this strand bears similarity and difference from other threatening flu viruses might also be effective here.  This would give way to describing what exactly is within the H1N1 Virus and why it has spread in such a rampant manner.  This would be where you would be able to expand some of the ideas presented in your opening.  Finally, I think it would be important to discuss the international responses to the H1N1 virus on medical, scientific, social, and political levels.  Certain nations have approached it differently than others and exploring this aspect might be very compelling in both research and reading.  I think your conclusion might include suggestions from these agencies on how the attack the H1N1 Virus.  It's a very timely topic and there is enough research in the community to make for a strong work.

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