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Ethics in laying off employees, how would you go about doing this task? Downsizing when you really do not need to.


I think the ethics of laying off employees are dictated by economics as opposed to some moral imperative.  Few, if any, would relish the process of laying off employees.  I think that the need to downsize might be a product of economic reality, but might also be the result of a company seeking to "trim the fat" and increase competitiveness.  I don't see this as an issue of ethics because its economic nature overtakes all.  I believe that there is a role of ethics in business, but if the need of the company is to downsize in order to meet economic goals and fiscal ends to shareholders and other employees, downsizing might be an unavoidable reality.  One can only hope that businesses are not laying off workers for the sake of doing so, or so that they can increase profit margins on their own end at the cost of workers.  Perhaps, this is where the moral calculation is required and this would serve as a fundamental analysis of the nature of business and economic well- being.

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