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Which countries had the Axis Powers, Germany and Italy, taken over by 1939?


By 1939 or during the year 1939, Italy was in possession of Sardinia, Albania, Sicily, the Dodecanese Islands, Libya and what was termed "Italian East Africa", consisting of today's Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.  Germany had annexed Austria in 1938 and in '39 Czechoslovakia (including Bohemia and Moravia), and of course in September invaded Poland.

Following these successes there was a third party added to the Axis the following year, the Japanese Empire, which in 1939 had ruled Manchuria (as Manchukuo), Korea, the Ryukuan Islands and a fairly large number of islands spread across the Pacific.  It was the conquest of France by Germany in 1940 which both gave Japan confidence in the Axis Powers and convinced them to annex the French colonies of Indochina.  That action led the United States to freeze Japanese economic assets in the US, leading to America's entry into WWII.

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