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pride and prejudice

Evaluate the marriage according to the presence of love within the relationship of Mr.and Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.


Although Mrs. Bennet often tries Mr. Bennet to the core, there is ample evidence that they love each other.  He is very patient and gentle with her, concerned when she is truly ill, and faithful to the end.  In turn, she is tender, protective, and possessive in her relationship with him.

You don't read many passages of actual affection exchanged between them because it wasn't proper to show it in public back then like it is now.  But, if you "read between the lines", there is ample evidence of their tenderness and affection for each other.  They much have exhibited it, whether consciously or subconciously, because their daughters have a great desire to marry for love.

Even though it's a novel, I believe that in Price & Prejudice Mr. and Mrs. Bennet remained together the rest of their lives. 

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