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Evaluate the relationship between media and crime, considering to what extent the medias portrayal of crime affects the audience? Basically include,...


There are many complex relationships between crime and the media. So, I will focus only on a few points. The media has to pick and choose what it wishes to cover. This should be obvious, but it is almost never talked about. In short, our news is selective. Our news also has to emphasize one or two stores as top stories. So, they have the ability to tell the public what is more or less important by their emphasis. These two points should immediately show you that the media has the ability to shape the public's opinion on almost any topic, including crime. If the media focuses on hate crimes and makes it into a top story, then the public may believe that there is a rise in hate crimes. This could be possible, but the opposite could also be true.  If the media present stories on gender, then people will not only be shaped by these stories, but they may also believe that this is what is important to people in a given area, when it could only be the decision of a few top executives. In the end, the media has great power to shape people. So, people need to be aware.

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