Hi. Help me please. Our team found itself in a difficult situation due to the epidemic. Your help will be our salvation. Thank you very much.

Who is calling from the number +7-965-034-03-04? Whose phone number +79650340304?

From the number +7-965-034-03-04 calling the answering machine with the proposal of the credit crats "Paste". If such proposals are not interesting, but calls from this number annoying, you can add number to black list. The rating of the rooms is extremely negative. To call this telephone number, I think not, this can be expensive. Yeah, to call you, are unlikely to succeed, as most of these phones is from a robot, configured only for outgoing calls. By the way, is the number +79650340304 to the statement of PJSC "Vimpel-Communications" in the region Saint Petersburg city and Leningrad oblast.
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