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Even though Beethoven is included with Haydn and Mozart as a Classical composer, how does his style differ from theirs? 


In my mind, the later periods of Beethoven's work is where we see a greater separation from the Neoclassical composers of Haydn and Mozart.  Beethoven appropriated a much larger social message to his work with the fluid political scene of the time period, as well as the infusion of drama to his work.  Beethoven was able to compose large level symphonies about heroism and pitting the individual in the midst of challenging social situations.  Beethoven saw a dramatic element to his music, something that the Neoclassical composers did not envision.  The Ninth Symphony's backdrop of Schiller's work "Ode to Joy" seeks to make a statement about what it means to be human through music.  This conception of artist and their place in the world and how their art can comment on both is something that was not envisioned during the Neoclassical period.

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