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Are the events depicted in the story happening today? Could they happen? Why might a society allow them to happen? I didn't think anything like this...


I agree with you.  I have always wondered why novels like 1984 are so popular when I do not think they resemble the modern world in any way.

I do not believe they could happen today, at least not in the United States.  We are too accustomed to freedom and to luxuries that I cannot even begin to imagine us becoming a society like that in the book.

As far as why a society might allow them to happen, I would think it would be because the society is already in pretty bad shape.  If you are already poor and oppressed, you might not care all that much if some party takes over and starts imposing laws like these.  This would be especially true if the party was offering some kind of hope (as the Communists offered to the oppressed Russians and as the Nazis offered to the Germans when they were having such problems after WWI).

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