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lord of the flies

The events of the island were caused by inherent human savagery and circumstance and not problems with the boys themselves. Agree or disagree with the...


This statement is very true to a point but one must not eliminate the argument of nurture over nature.

"As the author once commented, "the moral is that the shape of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system."

Ralph, Piggy, Simon and Samneric were very much in favor of following the rules of civilization.  Ralph was being raised by a family with a Military Father, Piggy was being influenced by an elderly relative.  Simon was withdrawn and shy.  In the end they could not combat the selfishness and the bullying instincts of Jack and his gang of followers.  When Ralph tried to bring order to meetings and get the group to accept rules and regulations, Jack and his group painted their bodies, made spears and ran off to hunt and kill. 

It would appear that the integrity inherent in Ralph was non-existent in Jack.  Ralph held on to his beliefs and his integrity almost to the point of death.  Piggy died for his belief that it was "right" that the boys return his glasses.  Simon died in the middle of a "blood lust" celebration and he died trying to enlighten the boys about the true nature of the "monster."

The bigger question for me is not is humankind inherently savage, but why can some people, such as Ralph, Piggy, and Simon, overcome savage behavior and others, like Jack and Robert can't overcome theirs?

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