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Please discuss events that led the United States into WWI. These could include Germany's submarine wafare, US trade with England and France, and the...


It's not clear to me what you're asking, but I've edited your question to what I think your'e trying to say.  I'll give a brief explanation of the main causes you cite...

1. Submarine warfare.  Germany practiced "unlimited submarine warfare" meaning they'd sink any ship bound for England without stopping it first to make sure passengers got off safely, etc.  This (especially the sinking of the Lusitania) made Americans angry.

2. US trade with Britain and France.  The US traded much more with those two countries (especially Britain) than with any of the Central Powers.  This was true before the war and it became even more pronounced once the British blockaded Germany.  Some people say this helped get the US into the war to protect its economic interests.

3. I'm not going to talk propaganda because I don't think it's that importan.  But I do think you need to think about the role of the Zimmermann Telegram (trying to get Mexico to declare war on the US -- offerring to return the Southwest to them after Germany wins the war).

If this isn't what you need, please clarify your question.

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