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everyday use

In "Everyday Use," what has happened to Dee since she left home?


Dee has found her own identity as an African-American since she left home.  She has changed her name, her way of dressing, and her perspective on her heritage.  Walker portrays her as a young woman who couldn't wait to escape her slower-paced, rather old fashioned home for the opportunities that were starting to exist for young African-Americans.

When she returns home, Mama doesn't greet her with open arms because Dee's appearance is different.  Perhaps Mama feels self-conscious in front of her forward-thinking daughter who feels a little like a stranger.

Walker implies that Dee has learned to be proud of her heritage but in a different way from what Mama or Maggie would be used to. Dee, who once couldn't wait to leave her "history" behind returns home to reclaim her background in her own modern way.

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