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Evidence has pointed me to the view that a person's social standing will contribute to drug use. Are there any other sites that give  information on...


Performing  a web  search of the topic should yield some fascinating studies that both support and refute your original thesis.  Just from scanning some of the studies and analysis myself, I would offer one note of caution.  It seems to me that some of the sites I found have some very apparent political agendas that, in my mind, negotiate some of the studies' validity and authentic findings.  It strikes me that this particular topic has many political and social dimensions to it, which can lead to such interests compromising some of the nature of pure study on the topic.  The implications are profound:  If drug use/ abuse is contingent on economic class, it can be spun as either an endorsement of repudiation of current social and economic practices.  The nature of "the war on drugs" is brought into question and examination with such an idea.  As you conduct a Google search or any other type of survey, keep this in mind as the results of said studies could be influenced by interests outside of the data collection process.

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