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animal farm

Evidences in Animal Farm that the regime depicted in the novel has respect for fundamental democratic rights. What are the evidences that the regime...


Despotic governments are tyrannies that (usually) do NOT respect fundamental democratic rights.  All the evidence in the book shows that Napoleon's government is despotic and does not respect these rights.

Perhaps the best example of this comes in the debate over the windmill.  Snowball gives a speech supporting the windmill.  But Napoleon has decided that Snowball should go (this is in Chapter V) and so he has his dogs chase Snowball off the farm.

So in this instance, Snowball is being thrown off the farm just for disagreeing with Napoleon (or, more exactly, for competing with Napoleon for power).

A fundamental democratic right is that you should not be punished unless you commit a crime.  Snowball commits no crime but is punished anyway.

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