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If evil could be eradicated from our world, why would it be such a difficult procedure for mankind?


The most important word in your question is "if." In Beowulf, evil exists in the form of monsters, like Grendel and the dragon, that can be slain by the very brave and strong. Slay the monsters and evil is eradicated with their destruction. In later literature, however, the concept of evil changes and becomes far more reflective of reality. Evil is not examined in terms of myth or legend; it is presented as an intrinsic part of human nature. A modern example would be Lord of the Flies. In Golding's novel, evil is found within human beings and is manifested by their actions. This is not a new philosophy; it is as old as the scripture in the Book of Genesis that recounts the fall of man from grace. If evil exists within human nature, then it cannot be eradicated from the world so long as human beings live.

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