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Examine the areas in the current Caribbean culture where evidence of indigenous culture is integrated.


There are several examples of indegenous culture in the Caribbean. 

The coffee bean is native to this area and is widely grown in the Caribbean as well as in Central America.  The coffee bean plant is tropical in nature, requires lots of heat and water, and thrives in the steamy, hot jungles of this area.  It is a major cash crop for several countries.

Sugar cane is also a tropical plant, and in the right conditions, will grown to heighths of 10-12 feet or more.  It has been a cash crop for many of the islands for over two hundred years.

Bananas and plantains (a variety of banana) are especially grown in the Dominican Republic as well as some of the other islands.  They grow wild, but have been domesticated for commercial use.  In fact, there are processing plants in this area that grow, dry, and market dried bananas for consumption around the world.

These are only a few of the many plants that are native to the Caribbean and that are used to generate income. 

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