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Examine how the imperialist past of Kenya, and the decolonization process, has affected the development of the nation-state.


My thesis for this topic would be that the imperialist past of Kenya helped cause the one-party government and tribal conflict that has caused many of Kenya's current and recent problems.

When Kenya was colonized, first by Germany and then by Great Britain, many different tribes or ethnic groups were put together into one political entity where they had previously been separate.  This would end up being a major cause of problems such as the violence following the 2007 elections.

The decolonization process was heavily influenced by the Mau Mau rebellion of the early 1950s.  This rebellion was quite popular in Kenya and made a hero out of Jomo Kenyatta.  His popularity was so great that Kenya became a one-party government soon after independence.

Those two factors have helped make Kenya's political system quite fragile during its time as an independent state.

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