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heart of darkness

Examine the metaphor of the journey as it is outlined in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.   How could I start to write the essay and the thesis?


The metaphor of the journey presented in the novella revolves around the title itself. In a physical sense, the plot involves a journey up the Congo river, into the heart of Africa, the dark continent. In a metaphysical sense, it also involves a journey to meet Kurtz and whatever evilness had possessed his dark heart. In both senses, the journey if fraught with obstacles and false starts, with changing emotions and insights as Marlow comes closer and closer to reaching his destination.

In terms of the thesis and starting the essay, we first need to identify the theme or central message Conrad conveys through this metaphor. What is it that he wants us to understand about this heart of darkness? What should we learn from Marlow's journey and why should it be important to us? Once we know these answers to these questions we can compose a thesis statement and then begin to outline the organization of the essay.

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