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adventures of huckleberry finn

Examples of private vs. public conscience of Huckleberry Finn? Okay yeah I know that society teaches Huck to not to care about the slaves but his...


You're definitely right that the whole plot line with Jim and slavery is important.  I would add to what you have the idea that Huck isn't just struggling with whether Jim is a good person.  Huck is also struggling with whether to treat Jim as a person at all (or as a slave).  He knows he "should" not help Jim escape, but he doesn't like the idea of putting Jim back into slavery.

Another example of what you're talking about would come much earlier in the book.  It is Huck's inability to deal with "civilization."  He has what most people would consider to be a good life with the Widow.  Society tells him he should value what he has there.  But he wants to be free from all the constraints she places on him.  He wants this badly enough that he is willing, for a time, to put up with his father beating him just to get away from "civilization."

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