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Examples of preventing cavities?


In Europe children in public schools get dental checkups and  usually have the contact surfaces of their molars "filled" even before there is a cavity at all!  That is,  the naturally formed cracks are coated over with a resin to prevent germs from settling in to these vulnerable areas.

A couple of class sessions are set aside, too, for instruction.  Besides showing the proper way to brush teeth and floss, instructors often have the kids first brush and then give them a gum which naturally stains the "yucky places."  They are usually impressed to see all that green on the places they missed and try (at least for a time) to do a better job at it.

And did you know.....

....carbonated drinks are so devastating to enamel that it's not even a good idea to brush your teeth immediately after drinking them; you should rather rinse your mouth with water and wait 5-10 minutes first. Better yet, avoid them like the plague....

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