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william wordsworth

With the exception of nature, beauty and romance, what is strange in William Wordsworth's poetry? How can it be said differently? Many poets have...


Part of the reason that Wordsworth is credited with a unique treatment of nature is because of the Romantic themes with which he is so closely associated.  As a part and leader of the Romantic movement, Wordsworth felt very strongly that the reverence and love of nature was rooted in its reflection of the human experience.  It is not merely that nature is beautiful for Wordsworth, but that its beauty is how it reflects a part of individual maturation, growth, and understanding.  In poems such as "Daffodils," one sees this idea when Wordsworth understands that the expression of the flowers can find a home within his own sense of identity and understanding. There is a harmony in the world that can only be reflected in the presence of natural wonder and the wonderment of the individual.  Linking the sense of imagination to both nature and human beings, Wordsworth acquired a greater sense of meaning in his description in both.  When he describes the uniqueness of the individual mirrored in the unique conditions of nature, few others before him were able to forge such a connection.  The human experiences of consciousness, identity formation, maturation, and inevitable decay are not something to be feared or misunderstood because these predicaments can be found and understood in nature.  In understanding the natural world, we understand more of ourselves, a theme that was both essential and distinctive of Wordsworthian poetry.

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