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night wiesel

Examples that explain why the Jews did not think they were in real danger.How did they maintain an optimistic attitude until arrival at the camps?


This is a very interesting question.  There might be a line of logic which suggests that part of the reason that so many of those who entered the camps maintained such a positive attitude was caused by a sense of denial.  The notion here is the idea that individuals who kept a positive and strong demeanor could have done so in the idea of denying the truth of how bad things really could be.  This could have been a defense mechanism because the full grasp of the horror that awaited was far too awful to contemplate and to internalize.  The belief that "it cannot be so bad" or "they would not do that to us" or "how do we know this is going to happen" are all examples of the denial that is present in the thinking of those who were subjected to the camps.  At the same time, I do not think that it was all denial.  There was a sense of religious faith that many clung to in this difficult time and within the idea religion and redemption, there could be a sense of positivity towards their predicament.

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