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In the excerpt from The Aeneid, Aeneas’s trip to the Underworld, we see Greek ideas about the hero given a Roman twist.


Both the ancient Greeks and Romans found noble ancestry in the Trojan prince Aeneas.  Only a minor character in Homer's Iliad which tells the tale of Troy, the Roman poet Vergil chooses the Aeneas character to anchor the founding of Rome in his epic poem 'The Aeneid'.  The similarities between Odysseus and Aeneas are their beliefs in the importance of  their destiny and dedication to the the Gods.  These atributes would ultimately save them from death. Both 'The Aeneid' and 'The Iliad' tell the story of the main characters' wanderings in their search for purpose, and how their search became sidetracked.  Odysseus and Aeneas are but mortal men that have difficulty resisting beautiful women.  However, in the end they both choose their destiny, a cause greater than themselves.  Odysseus leaves Calipso to reclaim his kingdom and Aeneas leaves Dido to establish the founding of Rome.

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