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Explain about compulsive talker A female clerk in your department is a compulsive talker. her job requires her to deliver reports, mail and memos to...


The approaches suggested are quite strong.  Some other ideas which can be initiated would be to use a seasoned veteran worker to engage in a mentoring program with the clerk.  Naturally, as had been suggested, there has to be open articulation about the nature of the problem.  The mentoring from a respected member of the staff might allow the clerk an opportunity to understand why the behavior is detrimental to the institution, in general.  In a performance assessment, driving the idea of time inefficiency might also be another approach.  It is difficult to actually "prove" the nature of gossip, so being able to make a statement about any sidebar conversations as hurting productivity and efficiency might be in order.  Additionally, stressing to the employee that certain practices and procedures of the company must remain confidential as part of "trade secrets and practices" might be a good way to eliminate the idea of stopping the statements "that circulate about management and department."  Perhaps, one can never eliminate the compulsive talking component of one's personality, but stressing that talking about work and professional matters that endanger the livelihood of the company and have to be punished can be another approach to redress the problem.

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