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julius caesar

Explain Artemidorus' warning "security gives way to conspiracy" And how does Artemidorus' view of Caesar differ from the conspirators' view of Caesar ?


This statement comes from Act 2, Scene 3. Artemidorus is reading a letter he hopes to give to Caesar when Caesar passes by but Caesar refuses to read it. Here is the context, taken from the link below:


(reads aloud)

“Caesar, beware of Brutus. Take heed of Cassius.

Come not near Casca. Have an eye to Cinna. Trust not

Trebonius. Mark well Metellus Cimber. Decius

Brutus loves thee not. Thou hast wronged Caius

Ligarius. There is but one mind in all these men, and

it is bent against Caesar. If thou beest not immortal,

look about you. Security gives way to conspiracy. The

mighty gods defend thee!


Artemidorus believes Caesar has become too secure in his power and because of this, is blind to the fact that anyone could conspire against him, especially his friends. In fact, this is why Caesar refuses to read the letter. His pride gets in the way, and his ambition, and these prove to be fatal flaws because they lead to his murder.

As to the second question, Artemidorus has very different feelings regarding Caesar than the conspirators. Artemidorus is fearful for Caesar. He tries to warn him to watch out for his friends. He does not believe that Caesar is immortal and thinks that Caesar’s ambition may have made him too secure in his power. He asks the gods to defend Caesar. He refers to the conspirators as “jealous” and he says that good men are not safe from such men. He shows he believes that Caesar is a good man at heart. The conspirators, on the other hand, believe that Caesar is dangerous because he has too much power.

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