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to kill a mockingbird

Explain Atticus' statements about the following: ■ "People have a way of carrying their resentments into the jury box." ■ It's all adding up,...


"People have a way of carrying their resentments into the jury box." Atticus knew well before the Tom Robinson trial began what the verdict would be. He told his brother, Jack, that no white jury could be expected to take the word of a black man over a white man--even if he was Bob Ewell. The jury could not be expected to vote their conscience, although his appeal in his closing statement requested as much. Simply put, the all-white jury was a lock to bring a guilty verdict in 1935 Alabama against any black man accused of raping a white woman.

"It's all adding up, and one of these days we are going to pay the bill for it." Atticus knew that eventually the tide would turn, and that black men and women would someday gain equal rights. The Deep South was bound to change in the future, and white citizens would have to grudgingly accept the inevitable: Juries would be mixed and people of all colors would be judged by their crimes--not their race.

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