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Explain Beaufort's relationship to Alphonse, Caroline, and Victor in Frankenstein.


Victor describes his father, Alphonse's, relationship with Beaufort because he believes that "the circumstances of [Alphonse's] marriage illustrate his character [...]." Beaufort, Alphonse's friend, fell into poverty and, once he paid all his debts, he moved away with his young daughter, Caroline, to another Swiss city. His pride would not allow him to remain in the same city where he had known and been known for his prosperity now that his situation has been so reduced. Alphonse cared deeply for Beaufort and grieved when he left. After many months, Alphonse found where Beaufort had secreted himself, and when he arrived, he found that his friend had just passed away, cared for until the last by his intelligent and courageous daughter. Alphonse married Caroline about two years after they buried her father. Therefore, Beaufort was Alphonse's dear friend and Caroline's father. As the father of Victor's mother, this makes him Victor's maternal grandfather.

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