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Explain briefly the reasons behind why you would choose "global warming" and "whether there is life in space" as examples of 'Science cannot ...?...


Science is defined as "any systematic knowledge-base of prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a prediction or predictable type of outcome."  It is based upon a hypothesis (or theory) of why or how something happens and then conducting research to either prove or disprove the theory.  If the theory is disproved, then a new hypothesis is arrived at and new research is carried out.  Sometimes the research goes on for long periods of time. 

In researching global warming, I found strong evidence of increased temperatures worldwide and predictions of disastrous results if the upward trend continues.  But, it seemed to only be projections based upon collected data to date and may or may not result in the doom and gloom that's being forecasted!  And, some scientists did admit that there have been fluctuations of worldwide temperatures in the past that turned out to be normal overall.  So, I find the evidence of global warming inconclusive at best.  In fact, I firmly believe it's basically a scare tactic used by environmentalists to further their agendas.

As to the question of "Is there life in space?", many science fiction authors have written about it, movies have been made about it, and astronomers have looked for it.  There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of UFO sightings over the years, but where is the evidence of "little green men" other than people's testimonies?  Is it possible our government is hiding things from us and actually have aliens in their possession?  I certainly don't know the answers to these questions and I'm not sure who does, if anybody!

So, science definitely can't answer everything.   

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