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Explain the characteristics of Managerial works?


Managerial work occupies a position in the middle of the corporate hierarchy. Executives make decisions and set strategic goals and priorities, such as producing a certain number of widgets or reaching specific financial targets. Workers implement those goals, making widgets or doing activities that produce profits by reaching sales goals.

Management exists in the space between executive decision making and actual implementation, and serves to facilitate realizing strategic goals, usually through supervising employees and creating preconditions for implementation of goals.

Managers spend much of their time working with people. They are responsible for staffing projects, supervising employees, evaluating employees, and deploying human resources efficiently. Managers break down large strategic goals into smaller steps and plan out the details of achieving milestones and monitoring progress. Managers usually have budgets and deadlines and are responsible for ensuring that employees meet milestones needed to achieve deadlines and control costs in order to stay within budgets.

One of the most important types of work managers do is communicating, both laterally across corporate hierarchies and vertically. Not only do managers need to relay concerns from executives to workers but also communicate worker concerns to executives. Managers are also responsible for liaising with other departments. For example, a sales manager might need to work with IT to organize a system upgrade, with accounting on methods of reporting sales, and with production departments to synchronize scheduling of promotions with release dates of new products.

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