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Explain, in detail, the psychological theory behind anger management. Explain, in detail, the psychological theory behind anger management (look at...


In dealing with Anger Management the A>B>C model is often used to modify behavior.   The letter “A” stands for the Antecedent, or the event occurring before a behavior.  This is the event that prompts “B.”  The Behavior is the response to the events and this behavior can be seen or heard.  Following the behavior is the “C” which stands for the consequence of the behavior.  The type of consequences will determine the behavior in the future.  If the consequence is pleasant or good, the behavior will continue.  If the consequence is unpleasant or not good, the behavior should cease.  This is often used to control anger or spontaneous action in people. 

"Experimental psychologists found that behavior could be shaped if positive consequences occurred as a result of the changed behavior".

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