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sylvia plath

Please answer these questions about "Mushrooms," by Sylvia Plath. explain the effect created by the words discreety,quietly and voiceless.find one...


In this poem, the purpose of the mushrooms is to "inherit" the earth, or at least to change it very much.  The mushrooms are, in their quiet way, changing things little by little.

The words discreetly, quietly and voiceless show that the mushrooms have to do this in a sort of subtle way.  They cannot just change the world in obvious and major ways.  Another word that creates this effect is "soft" -- the first word in the fourth stanza.

The other words you mention show that the mushrooms really do have power, even if the power must be exercised in a subtle way.  Again in stanza 4, the verb "insist" performs this function as well.

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