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Explain the energy loss in the system below, considering heat, sound, and deformation.Determining the efficiency of energy conversion from Potential...


Potential Energy (Pe) is energy of position.  Kinetic Energy (Ke) is energy of motion.  The total energy of any system (Etotal) is

Etotal = Pe + Ke

Dropping any ball from a height transfers the potential energy into kinetic energy.

Before the drop, the ball possesses potential energy but no kinetic energy.  When dropped and falling, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. When it hits the ground, the ball possesses the maximum amount of kinetic energy and no potential energy.

However, energy can be transformed into other phenomena.  By hitting the ground, depending upon the material of the ball, it may make a sound and deform.  The deformation is the ball transferring some of its kinetic energy back into potential energy;  contingent on the material,the ball will reach a maximum of potential energy, then bounce, turning the potential energy back to kinetic energy.

Furthermore, again contingent upon the ball's material, some of the kinetic energy may transform by various amounts into heat as the ball hits the ground.

The ball will continue to bounce until the potential and kinetic energy has reached zero, having dissipated that energy as heat and sound.


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