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Explain the ethical concerns regarding 'gene therapy'?Ethical impact: environmental consequences, moral dilemmas, responses from religious...


Religious organizations claim that the biblical dilemma over gene therapy goes over humans trying to "Play God" by manipulating what they believe was given to us as a privilege to be sacrosanct and not experimented with. Also, many religious groupsĀ  say that by trying to taunt what is inherent to human nature, maybe we are questioning God's plan. Not only that, since the genes are harvested from embryos, the idea of terminating a pregnancy or germinating for the purpose of experimentation goes again the canons of life that many religions adhere to.

Political parties see the dilemma from the perspective of their constituents, therefore, you may see that many politicians do not openly like to condemn nor condone gene therapy for fear that their more conservative or fundamentalist voters might remove their vote from them. Moreover, when early and embryonic germline embryonic genetic therapy is proportionate to aborting a fetus for research since you need to harvest the genes earlier in the life of a human. For this, many politicians in favor or against abortion will use this platform to vote against or in favor of gene therapy.

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