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dantes inferno

Explain eternal excrement   can someone give me a detailed of eternal excrement. it is used in dantes inferno and i need to write a 2 paragraph...


The eternal excrement is where the gluttonsĀ in hell are punished. In the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy, The Inferno, the people that are condemned to hell are given punishments that are appropriate to their sin. Since gluttons are those that eat too much, it is only fitting that they are condemned to live out their eternal lives in eternal excrement.

If you are going to write a two-paragraph essay, I suggest you develop this idea as one of the main themes in the Divine Comedy, especially in part I, The Inferno. You could begin with the "eternal excrement" as being a fitting punishment for those people who were guilty of the sin of gluttony while on earth, and then pick one or two other appropriate punishments to build on your thesis. Think about where the hypocrites were sent, for example.

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