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Explain five theories on the development of writing. For what purpose did civilization develop writing? (explain throughly plz) -thanks Guns, Germs,...


The powerful progression from 'hunter-gatherers' to 'simple agriculture' to 'the rise of civilization' is definitely underestimated by the average individual. The development of writing holds one very important constant; a human record of the human experience. From the simpliest pictural effort through its transition to a phonetic alphabet, the development of writing provided 'proof' for the growing complexities of the human experience. The strongest theories behind the development of writing are:

1. to organize the society

2. the ability to keep accurate records of the population/census

3. to keep accurate records of trade and commerce

4. to collect TAXES/foreign and domestic

5. to enable those in positions of power to communicate with the general population

'Guns, Germs, and Steel' by Jared Diamond on some level argues that the development of writing impacted the domination of one people over another. This argument  suggests that the written word regardless from where it originated holds tremendous power. Historical speaking it has, however Jared Diamond asks... is there a difference between words that hold truth and honor from those disguised and misunderstood? From its earliest beginning the written word retains and manifests power because it endures history.


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