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Explain the following quote by St Jerome. St. Jerome- This early Church leader did not live to see the empire's (Rome's) end, but he vividly describes...


The last time Rome was sacked was in 390 BC by the Gauls. After this, Rome had great success in almost every way. They expanded geographically, politically, economically, educationally, socially, etc. By the time of the 4th century there was even the thought that Rome was the eternal city. Ammianus, the great Roman historian, uses this phrase in his works often. So, at least from an ideological point of view, Rome was glorious and eternal. I say, "ideological," because in truth, the Roman empire was past its prime.  That said, when Rome was sacked  in 410, this was an incredible psychological blow. The world would never be the same. Jerome's quote is proof of this point.

It is not a perfect illustration, but 410 AD was like 911 to us. Jerome, then, is lamenting the fall of Rome.

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