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great gatsby

Explain Gatsby's attitude toward time. What similar circumstance has been revealed both to Tom and Wilson?


As the other answers have noted, Gatsby's dream is to go back in time, to recreate the magic of five years past when he and Daisy were first in love. He wants to do no less than erase all the years that have passed since he and Daisy last met. He hopes to remake their lives as if there never were a Tom Buchanan or anything else intervening between then and now. Nick implies that this is the American Dream in a nutshell: a desire to go back to a moment of possibility when everything is pristine and new, spread out before us as the New World seemed to be to the first European settlers. Of course, as Gatsby's tragic story illustrates, this is impossible.

Both Tom and Wilson are stunned to realize their wives are having affairs. Wilson doesn't know that Tom is Myrtle's lover. Tom is stunned to find out that Gatsby is Daisy's lover and that this has been going on right under his nose. Tom dislikes the idea that Daisy has taken up with a man he considers lower-class as her lover, although, ironically, Tom chooses lower-class lovers too.

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