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Explain Hebraism and Hellenism.


Your question is pretty broad and answers will depend on the subject of study. Let me give you an example:

1. If you studying texts, then a Hebraism may be used to describe a Hebraic way of constructing a sentence or collocation of words, or vocabulary. And a Hellenistic way will refer to how the Greeks did it during the hellenistic period, which is typically dated from the death of Alexander (323) to the battle of Actium (31).

2. You should also keep in mind that the world of the Jews was heavily hellenized. After the diaspora, Jews were scattered in the Greco-Roman world. Just think of Philo in Alexandria. He is a combination of Plato and Moses!

3. In short, you can think of Hebraism as that which comes from the Jews and Hellenism as that which comes from the Greeks, as long as you remember that there is a lot of mixing.

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