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Explain how to analyze an entire movie. I also have to determine my own personal criteria for evaluating movies, but I just have a hard time putting...


The first response is a good response, but I would like to say a bit more because a film, while it tells a story, does so in a different medium from a book. 

There are many elements that make up a film, and you can create standards for each and assess each element according to that standard. 

Movie elements include acting, scenery, music, lighting, photography, and editing.  In each case, you will want to examine whether the element contributes to or detracts from the music. For example, if a movie that takes place in the year 1400 has a soundtrack of rap music, would the music make the movie better or worse?  In a movie in which closeups would be important to see people's emotions, if everyone is filmed from far away through filters, what does that do for the movie? 

Certainly, storyline and character development are important elements in a movie, but a movie is a more complex production than a book in many ways, and I would hope that you could look at some of the other elements, too.

Good luck to you! 

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