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Explain how bacterial gene expression is controlled?


When transcription in bacteria is controlled,

it results from one of two events-the binding of a repressor protein to a control sequence in DNA and the prevention of transcription, or the binding of an activator protein and the promotion of transcription. (In the case of the lac operon, both events occur

Also, according to the book Biology Control, ch. 14, there are proteins involved in the process of negative control and positive regulation, which interlap and combine within their location, making the protein more malleable as far as its ability to stick or bind to others.

The regulatory proteins involved in negative control and positive regulation are often allosterically regulated, meaning that they have the ability to switch between two different conformations in response to binding by a small molecule-often a nutrient or product compound affected by the locus being regulated. The change in conformation is important because it affects the protein's ability to bind to DNA.

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