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to kill a mockingbird

Explain how Boo Radley interacts with the children and what his actions reveal about his feelings and attitude. Use the following points in your...


Throughout the novel, Boo Radley watches the children play from the comfort of his home, but never verbally communicates with them. Boo Radley notices the children's attempts to see him and finds it amusing. He also chooses to interact with Jem and Scout by initially leaving them gifts in the knothole of his tree. Boo's gifts are his way of expressing his friendship to Jem and Scout. However, the children are initially unaware that Boo is the person leaving them gifts. Boo Radley watches over the children throughout the novel and even repairs Jem's ripped pants after he leaves them behind in the garden. When Miss Maudie's house catches on fire in the middle of a cold winter night, the children are forced to wait in Boo's yard. Boo sees that Scout is cold and quietly covers her shoulders with a blanket without her knowing. Boo's interactions reveal that he is a sympathetic, thoughtful individual. He cares about Jem and Scout and genuinely seeks their friendship. By the end of the novel, the children learn that Boo is simply a kind, reclusive person, who has their best interests in mind. 

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