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Explain 'how' Dr. James Brussel came to the points/conclusions below when developing his profile of George P. Metesky, the 'Mad Bomber of NYC'?...


The identification of Metesky came as a result of different clues which interconnected within the paradigms of patterns and behaviors that often accompany individuals with similar tendencies.

Dr. Brussel first noticed the location from where Metesky's letters were being forwarded, which was Westchester. This place was a midpoint between the location of the attacks and the residence of Metesky. It just so happens that the endpoint is Bridgeport, CT, a place with the population of Polish immigrants. From this assumption comes the conclusion that the man is a Slav.

The fact that he lives in a particular group that tends to stick together, it is safe to assume that the individuals belonging to this immigrant group may hold strongly to their idiosyncratic and natural provincial and regional behaviors. From that, then, he may have concluded that he shares similar characteristics as his peers:  Religion (Catholic), Behavior (tends to be co-dependant on the mother, or holds the mother in a central focus "Oedipus Complex".

Marital Status: He said he may have lived with a female but is inadequate in sex and preoccupied with it. He said he got this information from the way the "W"s were written in a round and curved way resembling breasts.

From that information he could have also concluded:

- His sexual inability made him semi paranoid, insecure, insolent, and haughty- which he was.

-It also made him be neater than everyone else to conceive his insecurities therefore he must be: a) well-dressed, b) good with tools, c) meticulous.

His intended victims showed his dissatisfaction with his own life, resentment, and anger. In turn, a person who feels this tends to feel smarter than everyone else, just as a defense mechanism- which Metesky used.

The fact that he became more and more sophisticated with the bomb making process moving from shotgun powder to pistol powder makes denotes his intelligence as high,but not genius. His victims, unsuspecting, strangers to him, were usually in a terminus, or theatre, all compacted, and he felt more control of the situation (and more egotistical) while causing so much mayhem.

His ability with pistol powder denotes he may have experiences with them and by the time the crimes were committed, the closest association to pistols came from soldiers who participated in WWI, which he was- A Marine.

From that information, he may have regarded that if he served in the war, he may be disgruntled, be of a certain age (50, at this point), and on a mission of revenge.

When all the points are put together, it very well shows how he was indeed a disgruntled man who supposedly got tuberculosis by being gassed by ConEdison, ended up where he started (Bridgeford) with a grudge, decides to go in a bombing rampage while depending probably on his mother to support him (Oedipus), unable to make true, female connections (also because of lack of money) and feeling insecure about it (which shows in his handwriting of the Ws).

Finally, Dr Brussel said that his clothing will be neat and particular since he is concealing deep insecurity (he said he would be caught wearing a double breasted suit), and because of all this, the man is definitely paranoid, insecure, and possibly insane (He was declared so in his trial).

In the end, all profiling does is to connect one dot to another, and using patterns the characteristics become easier to identify.

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