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julius caesar

Explain how each of the following words describes Brutus. 1. Conceited 2. Derision 3. Indignation 4. Exalt 5. Obscure 6. Instigate 7....


Conceited:  Brutus tends to take charge of most situations and often has the final say in matters.  While he is not outwardly pompous, he carries himself with a sense of authority which often trumps the ideas or authority of other characters.  When the conspirators came to his house, he instantly took charge of the situation and began to make decisions about the assassination plot.  He also allowed Mark Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral despite the concerns of other characters.

Derision:  Since Brutus is both naive and overly trusting, he opens himself up to mockery and criticism.  His credulous nature causes him to make poor decisions that ultimately lead to his downfall in Act V. 

Indignation:  Brutus does not have a quick temper; however, he is easily moved and convinced by other characters.

Exalt:  After Caesar's assassination, the people are quickly ready to name Brutus their new leader.  He rises to a position of authority among the conspirators as well.

Obscure:  Brutus remains obscure in Act II as he struggles with his feelings about Caesar's rise to power.  Cassius has a difficult time getting any information out of him.

Instigate:  Brutus urges the other characters forward in many situations including plotting the assassination, speaking to the people, and preparing for war.

Mutiny:  The conspirators' attempt to assassinate Caesar was mutiny in a sense.  They were revolting against Caesar's power.

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