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great gatsby

Explain how the last two sentences of this chapter continue the theme of Gatsby's dream. "He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly...


In The Great Gatsby, Nick is the narrator and his version of events is what is revealed to the reader.  His judgement that Gatsby is watching over nothing is his judgement, not Gatsby's.  Nick's perception is accurate in terms of the big picture in the novel, and seen as so by readers, but he does not here speak for Gatsby. 

The beauty of Gatsby's love is partly due to his devotion, his single-mindedness, his relentlessness.  He doesn't give up even the next day when he spends it still hoping for a phone call from Daisy.  This vigil is sacred to Gatsby, and he has not lost hope. 

This is quintessential Gatsby, and his actions contribute to the theme of Gatsby's dream by keeping it alive. 


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