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as you like it

Explain how Orlando's wrestling match with Charles creates big problems for him in As You Like It. William Shakespeare


Although Orlando's defeat of Charles the wrestler has brought him Rosalind's gushing admiration, it's also created one or two problems. His revelation that he's the son of Sir Rowland de Bois has not gone down well with the tyrannical Duke Ferdinand. The duke is a sworn enemy of Sir Rowland and doesn't take kindly to his offspring comprehensively defeating his favorite wrestling champion. In the immediate aftermath of his victory, Orlando realizes that he's made a very powerful enemy in Duke Ferdinand and must take off before he gets into serious trouble.

In keeping with the overriding theme of the play, Orlando's participation in the wrestling bout challenges the conventions of the prevailing social hierarchy. It wouldn't have been considered appropriate for a member of the social elite, such as Orlando, to get involved in something as unseemly as a wrestling match. In expressing anger at Orlando, Duke Ferdinand is unconsciously seeking to reassert the traditional proprieties. It is only by escaping to the Forest of Arden that Orlando and Rosalind will be able to live according to the subversive new identities they've freely chosen for themselves.

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