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lord of the flies

Explain how the symbols in the book create the tale? Golding uses many symbols in Lord of the Files. Pick three of them and explain how he uses them...


In the novel 'Lord Of The Flies' by William Golding, symbolism is present all the way through the story. Perhaps we should start with the title itself as that is at the very beginning of course. The name 'Lord of the Flies' goes back through ancient times in reference to many manifestations of personified evil (the devil, the evil one, Lucifer, Beelzebub,king of the darkness and lord of the underworld.) Some of these manifestations/fears/monster predate Christianity itself, perhaps suggesting that mankind has always recognised the difference between good and evil and is deeply afraid (but often enchanted by) the latter. Ancient peoples often took heads as trophies during battle, and 'heads will roll' was a familiar term up until fairly recent (Medieval/Roman) times. Humiliation of enemies was often underlined by placing heads on stakes for all to see - obviously these would attract flies eventually (symbols of death,corruption and decay - like the path the boys are travelling down, away from civilization.)

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